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The Andromeda Anthology
Scientist John Fleming constructs a super-computer of alien origin, unaware that its evil designers are bent on world domination. Can he destroy the malevolent machine before it destroys all of mankind?

Creator of some of the most outstanding television plays made in the last fifty years, Nigel Kneale created, in Beasts, an anthology of six plays designed to showcase the breadth of his fertile imagination. Laden with suspense, drama and a thick vein of black humour, each play was a variation on the theme of civilised man in conflict with the primal, animal side of existence. This malevolent and menacing thread runs through all six terrifying stories, which feature outstanding performances from actors such as Martin Shaw, Simon MacCorkindale, Glyn Houston, Michael Sheard and Pauline Quirke.

Survivors 2
When a genetically engineered virus wipes out ninety-five percent of the world's population, the survivors must rebuild humanity. Features the complete episodes from series two.

Survivors 3
The final series following the aftermath when a deadly virus escaped into the atmosphere. A number of survivors, seemingly immune to the disease, search each other out and try to rebuild humanity. Includes all 13 episodes.

Is a science-fiction mystery that centres on a school where nothing is as it seems. When a mysterious millionaire, Mr Eldritch, shows up--claiming to be its benefactor and donating computers to every pupil--he arouses suspicion in a small group of students. They set about uncovering a plot that not only threatens all the children in their school, but the entire human race! Written by Russell T Davies and starring a young Kate Winslet in one of her first TV roles, the series also stars Jacqueline Pearce as the indomitable Miss Pendragon.

Adam Adamant Lives!
A dashing Edwardian gentleman is entombed in ice by his enemy 'The Face.' When he eventually awakes he finds himself in the swinging sixties. With the help of Georgina Jones he becomes involved in a world of secret ciphers, danger and intrigue.

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