Sonntag, Februar 01, 2009

Life After Death: Termin merken!!!

Am 17.02.09 kommt endlich die Fortsetzung von Dead Like Me auf DVD und das ist ein Termin den man sich merken sollte.

When George and her colleagues get a new boss whose focus is on moving souls quickly and enjoying life without consequences, the team begins to break the strict reaper rules. While her friends fall victim to their desires for money, success, and fame, George breaks another rule by revealing her true identity to her living family. As the reapers struggle with their roles on Earth, they each find that death can be just as complicated as life. Through its strong storyline, Dead Like Me delves into the intricate mythology and dark comedy created by the TV series and appeals to the show’s legions of fans as well as those new to the world of the reapers.

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