Montag, August 03, 2009

Moon Europa

Osias and Bria, both clones, are in love under the tyranny of Nevco, a global corporate megapower. Osias seeks love and freedom and wants to escape to the jungle wastelands. But Bria is unwilling to follow her instincts and chooses the lure of a safe and sentimental life serving Nevco. As one of Nevco's test subjects Bria is used and discarded, left to a life of ennui and madness. Osias escapes and with the help of a "natural born" resistance group called the Ladder he kidnaps Archer Claezon, the Nevco scientist in charge of Bria. If Osias can use Archer to find her their love may be the key that unlocks the chains of clone slavery.

Using nothing but recycled and salvaged materials to build elaborate sets and filming in some of the most strikingly bizarre landscapes, this debut feature from director Chris Bower pushes guerilla D.I.Y. filmmaking to the limits and turns CG driven, shoot'um up science fiction films on their heads. With lush lyrical cinematography and a unique non-linear narrative Bower creates a future world that Filmmaker magazine calls "intriguing and visually arresting".

Und als kleines Extra:

Für alle Steampunkfreunde der großartige 1884.

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